Killeigh Community Centre

With planning permission (OCC planning register number 20/166) in place, KCCDA intend to develop and bring back to life a vacant and derelict structure, formerly the Macra Na Feirma Hall, to a state of the art community centre with a floor area of approximately 450m².

As detailed in the graphics below, Phase 1 of the development will result in large central community space that the committee envisage will be used for indoor sporting activities, meetings, conferences, etc. In addition, space for a removal stage has been incorporated into the design so this will allow this area to be used for drama, musical performances, children and school related activities. 

When briefing the architects, it was important to the committee that the community centre could be used simultaneous by a number of groups at the same time. This has resulted in the provision of a number of meeting rooms and a larger ‘social room’ to the rear of the building each with access from a central corridor. These rooms can be used for hot desking, work hubs and commercial related activities in the day time during the working week and community activities at night and weekends.

In addition, a large area to the back with direct access to the ‘social room’ will be available for use as an outdoor reception area for events, a farmer’s market, Christmas fairs, etc. Once complete, the facility will be a multi-purpose in its use and once again become a centre of activity in Killeigh Village!

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